I have been working on a project at work to build a mapping application to support the out of home advertising business which as you can imagine relies heavily on the geographical locations of assets, stores, audience etc. Its very important for us to have a rich set of geo-spatial querying tools which allow the users […]

In this post I am going to show how to make async calls from JavaScript to a ASMX service endpoint hosted under IIS in a different domain i.e. cross domain. This post is the result of the work I did recently on this subject and found out after much trial and error what works and […]

So just recently a vulnerability in OpenSSL’s heartbeat extension was found which was quickly dubbed –Heartbleed. In essence, this bug allows a malicious attacker to read more than an allowed chunk of memory that might contain sensitive information from other sessions i.e. the heart beat extension bleeds memory therefore heartbleed. Its a programming error which […]

Many a times there is a need to import data from Excel files into a database or even just generally parse the Excel data into a typed collection in memory that can then be used for various purposes. I have written a Silverlight control that converts raw Excel text data and converts it into a […]

While working on a legacy application at work 2 days ago, I came across the following method that I wrote in 2011 and blogged about the problem I was trying to solve with it. Have a look at it and without reading the comment, see if you understand what the code does: Right away, the […]

So on 24th-Dec I was in my living room taking pictures of the mini Xmas tree and the fairy lights (photography is a hobby) when an idea popped into my head. I thought, “what if I can hack these fairy lights somehow so that instead of consuming batteries they run on mains power supply (steady […]

EDIT: Ok, so my solution was correct which means I have qualified this round just like 90+% of people that did. 🙂 Hi guys, So this year’s FHC online qualification round has completed. I could only find enough time to solve one problem – Beautiful Strings and after that I just got swarmed by other […]