About Me

Hello, I am a Principal Engineer focussed on software/solution architecture & design and currently working for one of the top e-commerce retailers in the Netherlands where I am helping teams and domains build software systems that support our growth goals.

I consider myself a “full stack” engineer and my stack runs from engaging with stakeholders to understand the problem space all the way through to monitoring running solutions in production and everything in between. I am passionate about the discipline of software engineering (yes, I do think our discipline is an engineering discipline!) and am constantly on the lookout for better ways of building more maintainable and robust software and to improve associated software processes along the way. I care more for principles, patterns and practices than for the newest tool/framework/language.

I am a practitioner and proponent of Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Design and know from first hand experience that these tools can provide real value not just in terms of helping to understand the problem domain but also devising high quality solutions and engaging with the domain experts.

This blog is meant as a catalogue for my exploits and learnings in software engineering which I hope helps others learn a thing or two about the discipline or at the very least how I approach it.

Thanks and welcome.

Aman Agrawal



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