About Me

I am a software developer and I am currently working for an e-commerce retailer in Netherlands.

I love software development and am constantly on the lookout for better ways of building more maintainable and robust software. I also believe that sound design principles and architectural styles are more important to building such software than just the newest tool/framework/language.

I am a practitioner of Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Design and know from first hand experience that these tools can provide real value not just in terms of helping to understand the problem domain but also devising high quality solutions for that problem domain and engage with the users of the domain.

Pragmatism in software development is quite important to me, especially, in the world of complex distributed systems. I have little to no respect for dogma in the workplace  (or in software dev in general) because I believe if an idea is in the best interests of the team then the title of the ideator doesn’t make one bit of difference.

This blog is just a little corner on the internet where I can “backup” and share my experiences in my journey as a software developer and I hope it makes for a good read.

Thanks and welcome.

Aman Agrawal



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