About Me

I am a professional software developer with a deep passion for software architecture with special emphasis on cloud based distributed architectures for high scalability and availability. I have been working with Microsoft Azure cloud for the last 3 something years and am still dumbfounded by the sheer depth of services it offers. I am also currently intrigued by microservice based application architectures and from what I have seen so far they do hold potential in enterprise application development especially when compared with the monolithic architectures that have been built so far.

Over the 11 year career, I have not only designed and implemented various flavours of classical n-tier architectures in various applications that I have built at work or home but also Domain Driven Design style architectures (at least my interpretation of it). I have always built software in a layered style but over the last 3-4 years the ideas of Object Oriented Programming and SOLID principles have really gripped me again with fury.

I am also a big time practitioner of Test Driven Development preferring to write code and test simultaneously and it makes me worried when I see other developers not following the discipline.

I am primarily a Microsoft stack developer using C# as the goto language, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core as a preferred web application/API development frameworks with good old fashioned HTML5/JS for user interface development. I am no UX designer but I can create functional enough user interfaces that might not look all that pretty but they will work. I am always open to new tools and techniques of developing software because these things come and go but good software is a product of craftsmanship and the right tools for the job.

One of my other passions is photography and I do believe there are parallels between our discipline of software engineering and art. Art and software both to me are about simplicity, balance and abstraction. Both, great works of art and great software are a result of years of practice, craftsmanship, vision and skills with the tools of the trade.

Aman Agrawal

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