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Setting Up CI/CD Pipeline for ASP.NET Core Apps

It took trawling through dozens of blogs, MSDN help forums, git repo wikis and little bit of creative thinking to finally get the CI/CD pipeline working smoothly along with test reports showing in the build summary.

You Ain’t Gonna Need That API

If you are not sure who this API is going to benefit and how, chances are You Ain't Gonna Need It

Making Legacy Code More S.O.L.I.D

Its often assumed that legacy code should not be refactored because no one knows what worms are hidden in that can and what kind of monstrous bugs will be unleashed upon the users if that code is refactored. In some... Continue Reading →

Generating Drive Time Polygons using Mapbox Directions API

I have been working on a project at work to build a mapping application to support the out of home advertising business which as you can imagine relies heavily on the geographical locations of assets, stores, audience etc. Its very important... Continue Reading →

Using jQuery AJAX to talk to ASP.NET ASMX web services

In this post I am going to show how to make async calls from JavaScript to a ASMX service endpoint hosted under IIS in a different domain i.e. cross domain. This post is the result of the work I did... Continue Reading →

Heartbleed bug – the source code

So just recently a vulnerability in OpenSSL's heartbeat extension was found which was quickly dubbed -Heartbleed. In essence, this bug allows a malicious attacker to read more than an allowed chunk of memory that might contain sensitive information from other... Continue Reading →

A Silverlight control to parse Excel data into a flat collection

Many a times there is a need to import data from Excel files into a database or even just generally parse the Excel data into a typed collection in memory that can then be used for various purposes. I have... Continue Reading →

Exercise in Cleaning Legacy Code…Sort of.

While working on a legacy application at work 2 days ago, I came across the following method that I wrote in 2011 and blogged about the problem I was trying to solve with it. Have a look at it and... Continue Reading →

Hacking Xmas fairy lights with Arduino

So on 24th-Dec I was in my living room taking pictures of the mini Xmas tree and the fairy lights (photography is a hobby) when an idea popped into my head. I thought, "what if I can hack these fairy... Continue Reading →

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