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Facebook Hacker Cup – 2013 “Beautiful Strings” [Solution]

EDIT: Ok, so my solution was correct which means I have qualified this round just like 90+% of people that did. 🙂 Hi guys,So this year's FHC online qualification round has completed. I could only find enough time to solve... Continue Reading →

A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (?)

I came across a weird anomaly in ASP.NET and AJAX, I had an editing page where I modified information and saved it to the database (on a button click) and wanted to return back to the search result page where... Continue Reading →

LoadOperation failed for query ‘xxx’. WCF RIA Service timeout error

Sometimes when you are using WCF RIA services with Silverlight using C# or VB to get data from the database to, say, bind to a DataGrid, you might suddenly find yourself staring at this error (this happened to me today):... Continue Reading →

Hosting a Silverlight app within another Silverlight app

At times there may be a need for a Silverlight app to be re-used as a whole in another Silverlight app. For e.g. I have a generic web tool that needed to be integrated into several other Silverlight applications without... Continue Reading →

DLL Hell Revisited in Pre-Compiled ASP.NET Websites

When working with pre-compiled web apps (sites) in VB.NET, an error like the one shown below can often come up: The reason for this is an out of sync deployment of the .aspx files and the dlls in the bin... Continue Reading →

Using MS Excel to Generate Mass SQL Statements for Data Insertion

I came across this rather cool hack sometime ago but only now did i finally get a chance to blog about it. When you are dumped with massive Excel files which contain lots of business data that users send with... Continue Reading →

Excel Doesn’t Always Excel

While working on one of the change requests for one of our web products, I came across a very peculiar issue with importing Excel data into the system. The usual way of uploading data from Excel spreadsheets is that you... Continue Reading →

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