In this post I am going to show how to make async calls from JavaScript to a ASMX service endpoint hosted under IIS in a different domain i.e. cross domain. This post is the result of the work I did recently on this subject and found out after much trial and error what works and […]

I came across a weird anomaly in ASP.NET and AJAX, I had an editing page where I modified information and saved it to the database (on a button click) and wanted to return back to the search result page where a GridView would show the record that was just modified. This meant having to pass […]

When working with pre-compiled web apps (sites) in VB.NET, an error like the one shown below can often come up: The reason for this is an out of sync deployment of the .aspx files and the dlls in the bin folder. The aspx files at run time link with these dlls whose names look something […]